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Why should I start Learning Python?

by Abhijan

Posted on May 21, 2017

Ever wondered, what if you could have been the one who created Instagram and Pinterest and earned billions ? Ever wondered, what  if you knew how to create something so outstanding  which would outgrow these companies ? Well, if you did and you are working to be in the same league , you must be already accustomed  with a programming language called Python.

Invented by Guido Van Rossum and developed by the Python Software Foundation , python appeared in its first form in the early 90’s.  Based on a dynamic type system  it can cut down pages of coding to mere paragraph lengths  leaving behind Java and C+ . It executes multiple programming paradigms and also covers object-oriented  functional programming. It has a cross platform based operating system  and many interpreters are available which hastens its use on a wide range of operating systems .Python developers believe that there should be only one obvious way of doing things rather than many ways of doing the same thing. According to them, it must be easier , readable ,shorter and better. Just imagine a world and how tough it would be for you , if there was no Python and you were still stuck with the ABC coding program.

Well why should we learn Python ?

Well it’s easy for everyone to understand that today’s world is run on a wheel  called money. We spend hours of our time , and energy to earn some money and sustain ourselves and fulfill our wishes. Money may not be everything , but money is an important thing . If you know coding languages like Python,

v  You can earn between Rs. 20,000 – 70,000 per month having the experience period between 1-2 years .

v  You can earn between Rs. 70,000 – 1,20,000 per month  if your experience lies between the 3 and 5 year mark

v  You can earn a whooping Rs. 1,20,000 – 2,60,000 per month if your experience is above that.


Python is not as easy as butter on bread but neither as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. Stop worrying that you might not be able to grasp the techniques and wisdom to code using python and roll your sleeves and enter the lions den , because if you work your way out of the den it  will convert into a tunnel and you would ultimately reach a paradise through it.


The number of perks that Python has is way too much to comprehend unless you create something using Python to comprehend itself. Take an example of these famous websites which are based on a Python based coding.

  • YOUTUBE : Youtube is one of the most popular  sites on the internet based on Python coding. Python allows youtube to integrate streaming videos on their pages and also enables you to put a thumbs up on it and store some embed information.
  • DROPBOX: Dropbox also relies on the tool we discuss now as Python. Dropbox just started as a simple application but now is used worldwide by entrepreneurs , businessman to carry out their normal work. Now you don’t have to carry endless photographs or pen drives and CD’s with you. You can just store them in an I-CLOUD and simply log in anywhere in the world and  have access to all of the uploaded documents. This is Python bringing you to the future.

Similarly these are some major names that are also based on Python.



Well you should certainly learn python as you must be up to date with your geographical demands and Python is very widely used.

If you want to develop a web page Python might not be the fastest to help you do it but if you do PHP it will only help you in web pages whereas Python has a more wider use as it can be used in robotics, web apps and many more as it is a system level language or in layman’s terms general purpose language. The python syntax is very simple to read and understand.

Python is a very expressive language as even very few lines of codes can do a whole hell lot of work.


Here’s in a Synopsis why you should learn Python.

  • HUGE MONEY : Easy as it sounds , Python makes good money . You can expect earnings of lakhs within years if you are good at it as money earning opportunities will come at your doors like Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • KEEPING UP WITH THE GEOGRAPHICAL HUMAN REQUIREMENTS : You always have to be update with your geographical requirements. Python has become the mostly widely used syntax language and in order to thrive in the market you need to have your feet  stuck in Python.
  • SIMPLE SYNTAX : The coding in Python is way simple and much English like.
  • SAVE TIME WITH ONE LINERS : Python reduces the headache of specifying unnecessary points and has been developed in a way in which it can interpret what the coder means and it can cut down lines of codes into one simple line.

Example :


int temp = x ;
x = y ;
y = temp ; 




x,y = y,x


  •                    READABILTY : Python code is readable easily as it is more English like rather than a lot of weird symbols. It doesn’t mean Python is symbol free but that it decreases it heavily. Take this code as example




String name = “pydjango”  ;
System.out.println(name) ;



name = 'pydjango'
print ( name)
  • INTUITIVE DATA STRUCTURES  : Python has a wide range of data sources which include lists, dictionaries , tuples ,sets which are very powerful yet very simple and flexible to use.

Python should be the first syntax you learn as what was popular before will remain popular because of its base. It has massive libraries and its community is globalized and it even helps to add patches into its syntax. So what are you waiting for ? It’s never too late to do anything.

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