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What is Django?

by Abhijan

Posted on May 21, 2017

When I say Django , no I don’t mean the famous guitarist Django or the Leonardo starring movie Django Unchained , rather what I mean to imply is more for a nerd’s debating pool. Django is an elite level Python Web framework that is built for fast development of syntax and has a very neat and tidy as well as a pragmatic design. It is based on the model view template and maintained by the Django Software Foundation which is an independent organization. It was made in order to decrease the complexity of web sites which were backed by a huge data base. If you are looking for a tool   for web development using Python , Django and Flask would be your favourite picks but if you want to do the development part in a fast way and for some the best way, the tool you should use is Django . Created in 2003 by Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison , it was officially released in July, 2005. It is based on a MVC architecture  and includes object-relational map (ORM)  which responds with  data models and  a relational database  which is its syntax for analyzing HTTP requests to a web templating system and a URL dispatcher.


  • A very simple and light weight web server for testing and development of your website.
  • It has an internal dispatcher system enabling the various components of an application to inter – communicate with each other  through pre-defined signals
  • A validation system that can construe HTML forms and values.
  • Cache framework  which can use any of the cache frameworks
  • A translator that can translate Django’s components in a variety of languages.
  • A helping hand to the template Engine
  • Tool for creating GIS applications.
  • Built in extenuation for  cross site request forgery
  • Built in extenuation for  cross site scripting
  • Built in extenuation for  SQL-injection
  • Built in extenuation for password cracking.


Django’s syntax allows third party codes to be used in its projects provided it follows the re-usable app conventions.


The premise with Django is that every website is a combination of apps. With Django it doesn’t matter what operating system you use , the syntax remains the same over all platforms. Django is simply blind to your operating system, not in a bad but helpful way.

Django helps you take web development really fast and is not at all bloated when it comes to it. Sometimes you might be met with deadlines and in those cases you need a tool that can help you develop websites in a really fast process.

Django is very secure and it takes security issues as one of its prime areas of attention . It is very safe and it also gives you a special key while forming your project , that gives you admin rights over your website. In today’s world cyber security is very important and Django provides user authentication system and it also cuts time for creating administration portals which on other portals take way longer time to syntax. The best part about Django is that it is completely scalable. It means you can keep adding hardware and Django will thrive and take advantage of it to do what is to be done. Django is getting famous day by day and if you are looking to thrive in the market, you should see these things.

  • Popularity
  • Documentation
  • Out of the box
  • Security and stability
  • Extensibility and the eco system
  • Community


 Django doesn’t give you the headache of re-inventing the wheel over and over again. Django not only wins in these fields but thrives in them . Do web development the Django way because the Django way is certainly the best way. Websites like Instagram show why Django is the future.

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