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Technology and Entrepreneurship

by Abhijan

Posted on May 21, 2017

Technology is the accumulation of strategies, aptitudes, techniques and procedures utilized as a part of the generation of products or administrations or in the achievement of goals. Technology can be the information of systems, procedures, and so forth, or it can be implanted in machines which can be worked without point by point learning of their workings. Entrepreneurship has customarily been characterized as the way towards planning, propelling and maintaining another business, which ordinarily starts as a small size venture . Humans are the alphas on planet Earth. It is only through their brain that they have made technological advancements that has led the human species to be the apex predators on Earth. Whether it be the discovery of fire, or invention of wheel, the invention of the very first printing press or telephone or even the world wide web, humans began to learn to control their environment and thrive in the world.  With the rise and advent in technologies came utilities and utilities created demand and henceforth demand created value for the  technologies.  Entrepreneur see new technologies as business and investment hub. Whether it be Mark Zuckerberg’s investment in VR of Oculus or his interest in whatsapp messenger, it has been pretty evident that technological based entrepreneurship is the most profit making venture in today’s modern world. Everyone is coming up with ideas for new technology that will help them make more money and standout as an independent unit. It is apparent that the effect of technology on our everyday lives has become exponentially over the previous decade. Whether it be tablets or PDAs, innovation helps us associated with our general surroundings and goes about as a gateway to vast measures of information which can be received to effortlessly. Be that as it may, numerous new business people don't use technology to its full degree to move themselves higher than ever.

Technology entrepreneurship is an interest in a venture that amasses and sends particular people and heterogeneous resources that are unpredictably identified with advances in logical and mechanical information with the end goal of making and catching an incentive for a firm through the innovation in its technology.


The proposed meaning of technology entrepreneurship  depends on four components:

Extreme results :  The resources that create value and capture value are the two important aspects of technology entrepreneurship. However, in the long run the resources that create value and capture value are not the same which affects the ultimate outcomes.

Focus of a definitive result: The firm is distinguished as the objective association for which the value is made and caught.

System used to convey definitive results:  Interest in a venture is the instrument activated to make and catch value. A venture is a supply of assets (i.e., specific people and heterogeneous resources) resolved to convey the two extreme result sorts for a timeframe.

Reliance of this system with logical and mechanical advances: The people required in a technology enterpreneurship impact and are affected by advances in important logical and innovation information. The venture abuses or investigates logical and innovation information. Outside and inside people and associations co-deliver the venture's yields.


Better business needs better and proper use of technology. Here are few reasons why entrepreneurs should use technology at its peak:


Correspondence:  Great correspondence is important to permit productive stream of data in a business. Innovation gives different channels to organizations to impart both inside and remotely. Whether it's setting up virtual workspaces where representatives can cooperate and create thoughts, or interfacing with universal organizations using video conferencing, innovation can be utilized as an outlet which permits organizations to gather input from their clients, which can used to enhance or adjust an item to suit the requirements of the clients better.


Innovative work:  Using technology, organizations can examine the market using optional information. This is to a great degree valuable as it gives organizations top to bottom information about business sectors before infiltrating them. Alongside optional research, organizations can utilize technology to lead essential research notwithstanding and utilizing the web studies and client input.


Electronic Advertising:  One the most valuable utilization of innovation is promoting to a huge number of individuals around the world exactly at a tick of a catch. Online publicizing comprises of sites and web-based social networking. Sites can be constructed utilizing DIY devices, for example, WordPress or SquareSpace or expert web designers can be enlisted to make them. Dissimilar to sites, online networking records are anything but difficult to work for your business and give presentation on a wide assortment of stages, for example, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Entrepreneurs see technology as an accelerator of productivity, as they it as a medium of achieving their goals in a more efficient and quicker way. It is not implied that entrepreneurs must learn to code but all it means is that it could be a huge incentive on his part and the proper use of technology will do nothing but act as a catalyst to hasten what you want to achieve.

Technology is the” patronum”  spell for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who understand the value of technology in carrying out business always end up being more successful than others.

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