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Famous Django Websites

by Abhijan

Posted on May 21, 2017

Django is a web development tool based on the Python Framework which is used to make complex  sites with practically more pages and features with ease. It provides the best security and has a vast library that makes it one of the most used languages in the recent period for web development. Popular websites like the ones mentioned in this article are based partially or completely by Django. Here are some of the mindboggling websites that you didn’t know were made using Django.



Dropbox based on the new cloud technology is one of the famous web application that is built with the use of Django. A few clients allude Dropbox as an individual distributed storage benefit, while others allude it as online reinforcement benefit. Dropbox empowers clients to store reports, pictures, recordings and different documents in an online drive. They can additionally get to the documents put away in Dropbox on an assortment of gadgets associated with the web. The Python API gave by Dropbox makes it less demanding for engineers to get to all Dropbox content by making a custom class. Additionally, the site utilizes Django to empowers clients to store, synchronize and share an assortment of documents on the cloud.


As an informal communication benefit, Instagram empowers clients to take pictures and recordings, and share the substance on the stage either secretly or freely. The clients likewise have alternative to share the photos and recordings posted on Instagram on other mainstream long range informal communication stages including Facebook. The improvement group at Instagram runs Django on Amazon High-CPU Extra-Large machines to make the sites meet numerous simultaneous demands effectively. The application additionally utilizes Django as a proficient versatile back-end.


As a free video sharing stage, YouTube makes it less demanding for clients to watch an extensive variety of recordings on the web. At first YouTube was created with PHP. Be that as it may, the engineers in this manner changed to Python to upgrade the functionalities and execution of the free video sharing stage. Likewise, they selected Django to add new elements to YouTube without putting additional time and exertion.


As an immensely well known web index, Google does not require an intricate presentation. Google has been utilizing Python and Django to handle activity and address registering issues of its web index. Google has additionally made Django an essential for benefiting Google Cloud SQL. Additionally, Google depends on Django to meet the registering needs of its associated applications.


Since its underlying dispatch in 2008, Spotify has been changing the way individuals listen to music. The gigantically prominent online music benefit empowers get to a substantial number of recordings, podcasts and music tracks on any gadget. The site is at present accessible in more than 50 particular dialects. The online music benefit utilizes Python for both backend administrations and information examination to profit upgraded execution. Additionally, Spotify utilizes Django to upgrade and develop Python programming dialect. 


A great many clients visit the official site of NASA to look at the news, pictures, recordings and podcasts gave by the debut office. The clients additionally get to NASA TV to watch satellite dispatch and different occasions live. Likewise, NASA keeps the site guests drew in with elements like NASA photo of the day, picture displays and HD recordings. There are particular parts of authority NASA site that are produced with Django. Notwithstanding, every apprentice has alternative to look at a few famous Django sites. He can utilize any prominent online web crawler to discover the sites as of now utilizing Django. In like manner, he can visit to assemble data about the sites controlled by Django. The sites empower guests to look at more than 5100 Django sites recorded with it. The first run through engineers must visit a wide assortment of Django sites to see how to exploit the components gave by the well known web system for Python.


Pinterest is composed as a free visual bookmarking instrument for enlisted clients. The elements gave by the prominent site make it less demanding for clients to transfer, sort, spare and oversee many pictures or sticks. Many reports have highlighted the exponential development of the site since its underlying dispatch in 2010. Pinterest is created with Python and Django. In any case, the site still uses a few innovations also to convey advanced client encounter.

Here are some other names that are based on Django:



So, these are some of the websites that you didn’t know were built using Django. Django is gaining popularity and votes daily and you don’t need a professional to understand it. The market for Django and Python is soaring higher and it’s a market grabbing opportunity for the pygeeks. will give you the best guide to be a pygeek.

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