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by Abhijan

Posted on May 21, 2017

An entrepreneur is a person who sets up business or multiple businesses, a venture to the dark side of risk and loss for the fruitful gain of profit. If the term “entrepreneur”   is not well known to you, you might consider names like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and the 45th President of U.S.A. Donald Trump to give you an idea what an entrepreneur really is. However it doesn’t mean you become an entrepreneur when you start making profit in millions and billions. Even the very best began their startups with barely enough monetary help to cater themselves. You might have heard the name of J.K Rowling, the author of  one of the most beloved series of fiction story Harry Potter, which later was transcended  into movies helped  J.K Rowling to reach the wealth of which is  estimated to be worth $1 billion now. However, her story shows her struggle when she   barely had money to meet her day’s end and struggled in her life being a single mother. There are endless stories of such entrepreneur, who made it big starting from the bottom. So enough of the quiz tale and facts, you might already be wondering what if you were to be an entrepreneur. These are the qualities which an entrepreneur has.



  • STREET SMARTNESS: Being an entrepreneur means having the ability to judge everything and react with street smartness. You must have heard about the organization termed as, WWE.  It is a $billion company, however the struggle behind it is that of smartness. The owners realized soon that if they held events in the same place where they were famous, eventually the ticket sales would go down, so they took a risk to make it more global and hence introduced Wrestlemania and toured shows all over the world, mostly America selling tickets and becoming a global phenomenon which is now known as WWE.


  • ON THE GET GO ATTITUDE: When you hear of an entrepreneur you might think that they plan and forecast everything before taking a venture. However, it is found that successful entrepreneurs have the attitude of making decisions in the get go. They don’t wait months contemplating a plan for a start-up rather they begin with something and shape it to a bigger company as time passes in the get go.
  • OPEN MINDED: Entrepreneurs are open-minded . They listen to all advices and not just yes man employees. They prefer being questioned and proved wrong rather than being blindly followed.


  • SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE:  You can never be an entrepreneur if you don’t have a spirit of adventure inside you. Being an entrepreneur means the ability to take a leap of faith.
  • CONFIDENCE:  Confidence is the major element in the key to the start of a business. You make policies and ideas, you are street smart yet you don’t have the confidence to take that extra step to reach where you want to. Being confident is a major key to being an entrepreneur.


  •  NEVER QUIT ATTITUDE: Whenever you take a leap of faith, either you succeed or fail. However, if you don’t quit even after failing miserably and try to correct your mistakes and take another leap of faith with better precautions, you have one of the traits of an entrepreneur.



  •  ACTIONS INSTEAD OF CONTEMPLATIONS: If you act rather than just making and throwing ideas in the mix, you have another successful trait of being an entrepreneur. An idea is nothing if it’s not acted upon. Contemplating and not working out goals and targets in real will not help you make money on your own
  • DEPENDENCY: If you are dependent on your own self, more than on others, you invite information and experience to yourself. This gives you more idea of the market than you could have got with your employees. Being dependent on oneself is the only reason people become an entrepreneur. They know with their ability they can achieve more than when under someone else’s leadership.
  • STRONG INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: If you are able to communicate back and forth and understand the issues and problems and their solutions and analyze and communicate in a effective manner
  • UNDERSTANDING MARKET OPPORTUNITIES: An entrepreneur will always capitalize on market opportunities and make the most of them. He will not stick to the same old venture which has been giving him large scale profit but will rapidly shift to another venture if it has more market potential.


Long story cut short if you have a non-emotional relationship with money, you are supposed to have a good entrepreneur quality as if you are too considerate about holding money you might not invest in productive business and if you spend your money lavishly, you might end up losing  everything being very lazy and inconsiderate. A balance is required and henceforth, a non-emotional relationship with money. It also depends if you like to be given directions for you to work or you like taking your own route to what you feel is suitable. If you are the kind of person who feels comfortable working under instructions and guidelines, you should never try to enter into market as an entrepreneur but if you don’t wear your thinking hat and enter the market which is bigger than ever.

You are an entrepreneur if:

  1. If unexpected surprises don’t irritate you.
  2. If you are comfortable even when there is drama at your workplace.
  3. If you are good at adapting towards changing market needs
  4. If you maintain interest in your work even when you do it repetitive.
  5. If you are comfortable in taking risks.
  6. If you can compromise on short term luxuries for long term goals.
  7. If you are not frugal with your money
  8. If you are comfortable in living not making any money for a period of time.
  9. If you like to read rather than follow.
  10. If you already have ambitions of starting a business soon and not when you have the resources you think you need to reach where you want.

Being an entrepreneur is making the most of the resources available rather than trying to get every resource to cater your business. Being efficient with the resources available is the key to being an entrepreneur. So do you have these qualities? Do you want to take a leap of faith and venture into an open world filled with opportunities and risk? Introspect and decide for your own and believe in yourself because every man with a big dream is the one who will try to be big.

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