Courses On Python and Django Framework.

Cloud Control Panel From Scratch
Using Python/Django

You want to learn something new today, something off the edge rather than regular social network/ecom websites, something fresh as Cloud Control Panel. This is a course for anyone willing to extend their present skills/knowledge to cloud.Python is being the most evolving language at this time and many support libraries have already been developed to support steadfast development of python applications (business/consumer). Here, we are going to hit the ground with some Python basics for the non-programmer or new Python user, who will probably be the next Py-Geek. This course is not a so-called "Zero to Hero" course but it will definitely give you an overall idea and a kickstart to start playing a "Hero".

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You will be deeply benefited from this course:

1)If you have already planned a develop a website for your own.
2)If you have planned to move any application to cloud and want control over it.
3)If you have planned to build a Game Control Panel for your cloud hosted game servers(Counter Strike,Minecraft,etc,etc)
4)If you are a system engineer/ QA professional and have planned to bring in quick backend automation to your existing system flow.
5)If you are a University Geek, planning to do something out-of-the-box.
6)If you are a person with Absolutely No Programming skills but very zealous to learn the NEW.

About Me

Hi this is Abhijan here. I have been a technology enthusiast since my younger days. At present, I am working as a software engineer in a IT company. My work mainly revolves around automation of backend tasks in UNIX systems. I mainly use python/perl/shell script for my regular automation needs. I have experience in developing end-to-end custom automation frameworks for business-specific requirements.Apart from my professional work, I really enjoy multiplayer gaming, browsing and learning the "FUN".