Courses On Python, Golang and Django Framework.

Cloud Control Panel From Scratch
Using Python/Django

You want to learn something new today, something off the edge rather than regular social network/ecom websites, something fresh as Cloud Control Panel. This is a course for anyone willing to extend their present skills/knowledge to cloud.Python is being the most evolving language at this time and many support libraries have already been developed to support steadfast development of python applications (business/consumer).

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Google Golang Programming
Free Course

Golang is highly efficient programming language developed by google for high performance and reliable system development.Almost all the important keywords of golang have been covered in this course and the approach shown in this course will help the students start digging more on their own.

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You will be deeply benefited from this course:

1)If you have already planned a develop a website for your own.
2)If you have planned to move any application to cloud and want control over it.
3)If you have planned to build a Game Control Panel for your cloud hosted game servers(Counter Strike,Minecraft,etc,etc)
4)If you are a system engineer/ QA professional and have planned to bring in quick backend automation to your existing system flow.
5)If you are a University Geek, planning to do something out-of-the-box.
6)If you are a person with Absolutely No Programming skills but very zealous to learn the NEW.

About Me

Hi this is Abhijan here. I have been a technology enthusiast since my younger days. At present, I am working as a software engineer in a IT company. My work mainly revolves around automation of backend tasks in UNIX systems. I mainly use python/perl/shell script for my regular automation needs. I have experience in developing end-to-end custom automation frameworks for business-specific requirements.Apart from my professional work, I really enjoy multiplayer gaming, browsing and learning the "FUN".